Overwhelming Obligations Do Not Have To Be Fun Suckers



Felesha Love

What has happened to us? Remember when we use to look forward to Spring Break and the anticipation of much needed time to break up the monotony, let your hair down, join friends or family for fun and sun. Most adults with heavy responsibilities and commitments forget to take unofficial breaks. Our obligations have conditioned us to limit ourselves to national holiday vacations if we are lucky. Some companies give their employees a hard time even when the time is accumulated. The under tone here is simply guilt. The surmounting guilt often result in hidden resentments, passive aggression and limited productivity. Now a days, companies dictate what is considered sick leave and create inconsiderate policies making it difficult for employee’s to claim. Sometimes a day or two away can provide the right amount of mental health time to reclaim clarity and focus required of most valuable employees.

Time is a precious commodity and yet we live lives that make us feel unworthy of enjoying it. When we turn 30 something and beyond, we forget to have fun. What’s up with that?  When was the last time you took time out for yourself? During the week, I look forward to a time that I call “Lazy Sundays.” It’s a time to let go, reset and stop to smell the roses. I like to do things that I don’t have opportunity to do in the midst of obligation. Sometimes my “Lazy Sunday” falls on a different day but my point is the quality of time demonstrated. I suggest that you try to be spontaneous and follow your heart and not your mind during this time. You’ll find yourself eating in bed, cuddling, surfing the web for exotic and interesting locations and reading and listening to broaden your perspective. Your heart will take you places that you tend to drown out during an average work week.

Consider that some of the above mentioned are not luxuries but necessities to your well-being. Here are a few more, get a massage, take luxury bubble baths, go out for a gourmet dinner or find a recipe and cook your own, walk in nature, listen to music, visit a lake or art gallery, reach out to people that lift your spirit, move your body and look for opportunities to feel and give love. I made some recommendations just in case you are one of those people who remember to take time away but have a hard time letting go. Unplug! All electronics have their place but not on vacation. Designate an hour to handle business and check calls and emails but then unplug.

I think Europeans have it all figured out as far as work-life balance. The CDC tells us that the average American work environment requires employees to work longer days, have less vacation time and later retirements all in an effort to streamline the workforce. Did you notice? Everybody is complaining about being overworked. Where do you think stress comes from?
Stress comes from an imbalance of obligation and pleasure or working too hard and forgetting to play. Why not learn to balance your life now so that you are less stressed. Don’t wait until you are complaining or irritated to take the time to take care of you. You are the only one you get!

Bio – Felesha Love is a wellness scholar and sculptor of mind and body, empowering people to transcend to personal best. She is an Author, Corporate Wellness Coach, Host of MySpiritFitness TV and The MySpiritFitness Wellness Moment syndicated radio show. In December, Hay House Publishing released Felesha’s new book, A Brave Leap to Freedom: Integrating Mind, Body, and Spirit to Cultivate Healthy Relationships.  In addition, she authored MySpiritFitness Self Portrait, MySpiritFitness Forgiveness Journal and Yoga Philosophy: Secrets Worth Revealing as a part of her empowerment series to promote professional and personal sustainability through mind, body, spirit education.  Now available on Amazon and at www.MySpiritFitness.com  http://rockdaleconnector.com/this-month-with-felesha-love/