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The Chronicles of Domestic Violence

The Suicide Note
In her eyes, I see the fear of being judged, ridiculed but worse of all is the fear of being misunderstood. She’s standing dead center in chaos all in the name of love. She’s made a choice to keep her family together. Yet this single choice has commanded resistance from everyone who knows her story.

In her eyes, I see a longing to feel his loving arms around her, providing reassurance that everything is going to be alright. She is desperate to know that she has made the right choice and that her sacrifice is not in vain. I hear the fear in her voice as she conjurers the courage to ask for help.

Today she is fishing for the right words to explain the turn of events. He text-ed a suicide note to their closest friends explaining his feelings of betrayal after learning that she left him like a thief in the night. In confusion, she questioned her actions and his motives all at once. She asked, Why would he involve our friends and upset them? Fighting back her tears, she looked at me with gripping regret. Crippled by fear of rejection from friends and family.

I see horror in her eyes as she contemplates returning home and expecting the worse. He has threatened to do harm to himself before she said. What if he was doing it again. Wait, I told her. First, report the suicide text messages to the police. Let them check on his safety since you fear he could be manipulating you to get you alone. Police made contact and reported him to be ok. He achieved gaining sympathy from her support system of family and friends. In her eyes, she is the one who is betrayed.